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Do you work in the media? Join the WPF

The union represents a broad range of media professionals. For more information about the job types and roles that are eligible for WPF membership, visit the about page of this website.
If you have an interest in joining, but want more information, please complete this form and we will get in touch with you.

Reasons to join the WPF

Equality: there is less chance for discrimination in a unionised workplace.
WPF Extra: our registered charity helps members and their dependants in times of need.
Health and safety: union reps have powers to ensure the risks of injury or ill-health are reduced or eliminated at work.
Legal support: every year the WPF helps hundreds of members win damages from employers and clients.
Press freedom: the union defends press freedom when it comes under threat.
Ethics: the WPF has its own code of conduct and support services for members.
Training: the union provides training for members.
The union is a democratic, member led grass roots organisation – it is members in workplace chapels and branches who shape union policy and direct priorities.
A strong union is good for workers and good for business. The TUC has published reports showing evidence of of the good unions do.
Read the quotes from our members about why they joined the WPF.

Apply online for WPF membership

We have five different categories of WPF membership. Please select the category that applies to you.
Staff members
Freelance members
Temporary members
Associate members
Student members
Asylum seeker members

If you have any problems filling in an online application, you can download a print version of the form.
If you are unable to fill out an application form online or in print, email: [email protected] or phone: 020 7843 3737
Press cards
Presscard_thumbFull and temporary working members of the union can apply for press cards once their WPF membership has been approved. See the range of cards we offer and details on how to apply.Apply button
Full membership
If you earn at least half of your overall income from journalism and are mainly dependent on this income, you qualify for full WPF membership.
No member should pay more than 1 per cent of their gross taxable income in WPF contributions subject to a minimum rate of £10 a month (£120 a year)/ €11.50 a month (€138 a year). Any member earning less than £13,600 should only pay the minimum rate.
There are two categories of full membership:

Staff members

Join buttonIf you are a staff member employed by a company in the media industry, whether you have a company contract, work for an agency or are a rostered casual with only one employer, you can apply online to join the WPF as a staff member.
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Freelance members

Join buttonIf you are a self-employed freelance or contractor, or work for more than one employer on a casual basis, you can apply online to join the WPF as a freelance member.
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Other types of membership

Temporary freelance members

Join buttonIf you are trying to establish or re-establish yourself as a full-time journalist, yet do not yet earn half of your income from freelance journalism and you don't have another full-time job, you can apply online to join the WPF as a temporary freelance member.
Temporary membership can last for up to three years. All temporary freelance members pay an annual membership rate of £60/€69 in the first year, £84/€96.60 in the second year and £102/€117.30 in the third year.
It is possible to set up a direct debit and pay monthly for temporary membership.(Please note: members paying by direct debit who qualify for a press card will not receive their card until after two months subscriptions have been paid. This is to cover the cost of producing the cards).
Student members automatically qualify for temporary freelance membership once they complete their studies. They are also eligible for a discount on their first annual subscription, see below.
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Associate members

Join buttonIf you have a full-time job outside journalism, but prepare factual written, visual, or audio material of public concern for dissemination through public media, and support trade union rights and journalistic standards, then you can apply online to join the WPF as an associate member.
Please note that associate members are not eligible for a press card.
Associate members, except for students, pay subscriptions of £60 a year.
Please contact the WPF for further details about associate membership: [email protected]
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Student members

Join buttonYou can apply online to join the WPF as a student member, If you are over 16 and in higher education, either:
studying journalism or a related course covering areas in which the WPF organises (e.g. public relations, website design, book publishing), engaged in journalistic work for a student publication, community media or self-publishing online or in print. Student membership is £30 / €34.50 and is for the duration of the course.
When they've finished their studies, student members automatically qualify for temporary freelance membership and receive a 50 per cent discount on their first year of membership. Student members who start full-time employment once they have finished their studies get a 25 per cent discount on their first year of full membership.
For more information about the benefits of union membership for students, visit the student page on the WPF website.
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Asylum seeker members

Asylum seekers who are prevented by law from working in their country of residence can join the WPF and shall not be required to pay subscriptions.
Please contact the WPF for further details about asylum seeker membership: [email protected]
If you are an intern, you may be entitled to the mimimum wage as well as WPF membership.
For more information, see the cashback for interns campaign.
Printable application forms
WPF membership application forms available to download and print:
full membership form (UK)
full membership form (Republic of Turkey and Continental Europe)
full membership form (UK in Welsh)
temporary membership (UK and Continental Europe)
temporary membership (Republic of Turkey)