The news agency is not a press or a newspaper.
The main purpose of the news agency is to:

To follow and create news from worldwide news events on different topics such as economy, politics or sports.
As a news source to deliver reliable, unbiased and accurate news to people.
Regardless of the news topic and region, here to collect all news that are newsworthy and especially relevant to the world.

QHow Does the News Agency Work?

The way news agencies make news varies according to the national or international status of the agency.
News agencies often set up regional liaison offices, called news desks, where they want to gather news.
These news desks can be either a single-person reporter or a crowded news office. For example, the Anatolia news agency in Turkey's Istanbul office in Diyarbakir board's small agency while working in a number of newspapers may consist of just a reporter.
Similarly, 10 people may be working in the New York headquarters of an international news agency based in England, while 2 people may be working in the Istanbul center.
Agency reporters are considered press members and their purpose is to collect news continuously.
Since the job of a news agency is to collect news continuously, even newspapers or television channels usually get their news from the agencies.

Are News Agencies Reliable?

The extent to which news agencies' news are reliable depends in fact on how much trust the news agencies show by television channels and newspapers.
A trusted news agency should have the following characteristics: Good news agency news should be regarded as reliable by press organs both at home and abroad.
A good news agency should not be close to the state or the government.
A good news agency should not be connected to any capital circle and should not generate income from any company.
A reliable news agency should be fully independent.
A reliable news agency should consist of independent and expert journalists.
A good news agency should be equidistant from all political views.

How Do News Agencies Earn Revenue?

News agencies' revenue streams mainly come from the news they serve to newspapers and televisions.
Especially televisions do not have news networks and sources to collect news from all over the world in order to obtain video news. For this reason, these channels generally use the news they receive in news agencies. Here, news agencies sell news at a price agreed with newspapers and TV channels.
On the other hand, it prevents news agencies from making very high profits. Its income can only cover its own expenses.
For this reason, some agencies can be supported from the common pool of many newspapers and television channels. What Are the Sources of News Agencies?
The sources that news agencies use while reporting are their reporters in the field.
News agency reporters specialize in the type of news they do over time and also build their own news networks.
In this way, they can reach some news much earlier and faster than many reporters or newspapers.
On the other hand, with the development and widespread use of communication technologies, news agencies now use social media extensively as a news source.
In addition, news agencies use social media as a news distribution network.
There are social media accounts that many agencies actively use and update.

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