Today, as international relations become more complicated with globalization, newspaper and television news have become one of the most important means of influencing and directing the international public opinion.
Turkey's rising power as a strategic Communication on the international community to be effective and successful, national interests, is an indispensable element of the effectiveness of regional and global responsibilities.
This situation is important in terms of both the legitimacy and the scope of the policies pursued by our country.
World Press Federation, in this context need strong heritage of our country and contemporary experience of both Based on the growing influence in regional and global politics in recent years, Turkey's new story effectively telling the international community and colleagues working in the international media, to go into dialogue with different sectors and multilateral aims to operate on a communication axis ...
The affiliation (membership) of Bob Farmer, real name Hüseyin Dursun, with our federation has been canceled. It has nothing to do with the Federation.
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The federation is based in England and represents press members working in all countries and cities of the world. WPF members work together to improve living standards and working lives.
The industry has never needed such an active and strong union as it has been. The World Press Federation is the voice of journalists and journalism.
In the media, publishing, newspapers, magazines, books, public relations, photographers and new media, they are represented as staff, casual and freelancers.
The World Press Federation is the voice of journalists working as freelancers, temporary and staff members in newspapers, news agencies, publishing, magazines, online, book publishing in all sectors of journalism and journalists and media in the world, both domestically and abroad.
Legal support:
Press freedom: advocates freedom of the press when under threat.
Ethics: WPF has its own code of conduct and support services for members.
Education: the union provides training for members.
WPF is a member-led democratic grassroots organization
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Founded in 2020, WPF is a new generation federation on its way to become the world's largest journalist organization.